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Astros - Cubs @ Turner Field?

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Waddayaknow, even more baseball Atlanta fans won't go to see, er, I mean, at least Cubs fans are intimately familiar with how to see games at the Ted.

Turner Field has been discussed as a possible neutral site for at least two games of the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros series this weekend, games postponed in Houston because of Hurricane Ike.

A person familiar with discussions said the teams have talked to the Braves about using Turner Field while the Braves are in New York to play a three-game series against the Mets tonight through Sunday.

The first two games of the Cubs-Astros series at Houston have already been postponed. The Sunday series finale was expected to moved as well as Ike came ashore Friday near Houston.

This is similarish to the relocation of the Sugar Bowl several years ago after Katrina devestated the Super Dome. It is more similar to a series between the Indians and Angels last year which was essentailly snowed out and relocated to Miller Park (a dome).

Could be interesting, but really, do we need to go to another game with obnoxious Cubs fans in attendance? Heck, I'd go just to say I went.

Another thing to consider... the middle game of the series is supposed to be Tejada Jersey T-Shirt night (presented by Citgo), and the Sunday game is Pink Jersey night. Would those promotions transfer to Turner Field. Nothing brings out the Atlanta fans like free schwag.