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Minor League Recaps: 6/5 (Pitchers hit Homers)

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Richmond 0, Durham 3

  • S. Thorman - 2-4
  • D. Moss - 6.1IP 4H 1R 2BB 7K

Durham exacted some revenge on the Braves tonight after a losing the division lead for a game. Jeff Niemann was pretty much dominant striking out 10 in 6 innings. If Niemann stays healthy I could see him being very good, which isn't really any kind of insight. A fellow TalkingChopper (is that what we call ourselves?), Jason, has informed me that Chuck James was apparently on a strict pitch count and his arm did not, in fact, fall off. Hence him being pulled after 57 pitches last night. Thanks a lot Jason.

Mississippi 4, Mobile5

  • J. Schafer - 1-3 RBI, 2 BB, 2 K, 2 SB
  • G. Creek - 1-4 2B
  • K. Medlen - 4IP 4H 2R 2BB 2K

Kris Medlen made the first start of his professional career tonight and he didn't look bad doing it. He also hit a homer as did fellow pitcher Dan Smith. Weird. Schafer got another hit and Mobile won it in the 9th with 2 unearned runs due to an error by Greg Creek.

Winston-Salem 1, Myrtle Beach 4

  • G. Hernandez - 1-3 BB
  • W. Cabrera - 3-3 2B, BB
  • E. Campbell - 1-4 HR(1), 4 RBI
  • K. Cofield - 7IP 2H 0R 2BB 4K

Kyle Cofield has allowed 1 earned run in his last FIVE starts. This was the first game in his last 10 games that he didn't walk at least 3 batters. On the season he has a 39/40/59.2 K/BB/IP ratio. You guys know I don't like a poor K/BB ratio so I'm not going to harp. But he has been impressive. You will hear me say something about Eric Campbell almost every game though. You know the odd thing about his numbers last year? All of his secondary stats were pretty solid. He just had a low BA. Lets see if he can turn that around this year. Oh, Myrtle Beach is 14-1 in their last 15 games.

Rome 2, Charleston 13

  • J. Gilmore - 0-3 2 K, 3 E

Wall of Shame.