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Minor League Recap 6/29

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Durham 5, Richmond 1

  • J. Anderson 2-4 2B, K
  • M. Jurich 1-4 HR(1), 2 K

You know there is just so little in this game to write about. Chris Resop started the game and pitched 2 innings striking out 4 and not allowing a run. Thats pretty impressive for him. Josh Anderson did get two hits but then he got picked off first by the pitcher (Cummings). I think it is going to get worse for Richmond before it gets better.

Birmingham 5, Mississippi 2

  • M. Prado 2-4
  • R. Gorecki 2-4
  • V. Pope 1-4 HR(3)

You know what is amazing about this Mississippi team? They were one of the worst teams in organized baseball after the first month of the season and now they lead their division (though they play a split season in the Southern League so technically they are 9-2 right now but on the season they have risen to 39-43 after being 15 games under .500 at one point). All of a sudden this team has some of our best prospects on it with Hanson, Schafer and Heath all playing here. Martin Prado played LF in this game.

Myrtle Beach 4, Frederick 1

  • G. Hernandez  1-4 BB
  • E. Campbell 2-4 2B, RBI, K
  • J. Owings 3-4 HR(11)
  • K. Cofield 6IP 3H 1R 1BB 5K

Another well pitched game from Kyle Cofield. Right about now is when we start to see if some of these young pitchers will start to tire or not. Cofield slipped a little in June after having a great May. Eric Campbell continues to mystify me. The only bad part about his stats is his batting average. He isn't striking out a ton, he is walking in about 10% of his PAs, and he has shown good power so far. So why can't he put more balls through the infield? Baffling?

Rome 2, Columbus 11

  • C. Johnson 3-4 2B, RBI, K

The only real news here is that Jason Heyward didn't play. I don't know why, if he got promoted, injured or just a scheduled day off. Cody Johnson has actually been hot lately hitting .410 over his last 10 games. His K rate was down quite a bit in June. He dropped from striking out 40+ times to less than 30 (granted 10 less ABs) so that is some improvement. I'm not convinced until i see it last for a half a season at least.

Danville 12, Johnson City 2

  • L. V. Ware 2-5 2 RBI, 2 K
  • G. Rodriguez 1-4 HR(6), 3 RBI, BB, K
  • J. Gilmore 3-5 K
  • T. Ladd 4.2IP 4H 0R 2BB 5K

I'm glad to see Jon Gilmore finally hitting. I was starting to really worry when he didn't hit at all in Rome and then struggled the first couple weeks in Danville. Him, Heyward and Freeman have enough talent to anchor the middle of our lineup in a few years. Granted he isn't even 20 yet. This Rodriguez kid needs to get sent somewhere a little tougher.

GCL - off