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Minor League Recaps: 6/3 (Charlie Morton is the Sh*t)

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Richmond 7, Durham 0

  • C. Morton - 8IP 1H 0R 1BB 13K
  • B. Canizares - 3-5 HR(8)
  • M. Jurich - 3-4 2 2B, 3 RBI

Well damn Charlie Morton. In a big game with the division leader Morton came up huge and just proves that he is in a zone right now. In Baseball America's Hot Sheet chat today someone asked about Morton:

What kind of Ceiling does Charlie Morton have?

Matt Eddy: Let's peg him as a potential No. 4 for now, because of his age (24) and lack of a track record. On the other hand, if his fastball command improves a bit, Morton's got the secondary stuff, particularly a curveball and changeup, to be better than that.

I think that is fair given his track record, but he really appears to have found something extra since the AFL. I am a believer and I think he has the potential to be a #2 with his current fastball command. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Birmingham 3, Mississippi (Final in 13 innings)

  • J. Schafer - 1-5 RBI, BB, K
  • G. Creek - 3-4 2 2B, BB
  • T. Hanson - 6IP 5H 3R 1BB 5K

Van Pope singled in Jose Carmena in the 13th for the win. Tommy Hanson pitched a solid game again. He appears to have made the adjustment in the past couple of games and hasn't really been hammered save for that second start. Greg Creek has really been the most consistent hitter in this lineup for most of the season but I don't think he'll ever really amount to much. He might be the first mayor of Gwinnett. Mike Gonzalez threw an inning of relief giving up no runs but allowing two hits. He should probably be back within a week to give us a really solid bullpen. I still think they should have kept Stockman up. He must have done something with Bobby's daughter to be treated like he is.

Winston-Salem 2, Myrtle Beach 5

  • G. Hernandez - 3-3 RBI, SB(6)
  • E. Campbell - 1-4 2B, 3 RBI
  • D. Heath - 7IP 6H 1R 3BB 6K

Heath pitched an excellent game and appears to have recovered from his struggles in the last few starts. Gorkys had another big game as we have come to expect from him. Eric Campbell had the big blow with a bases loaded double in the first. I used to love Campbell but I don't know how i feel about him after all his off the field stuff. I hope he can rebound like Josh Hamilton but stay with us.

Rome 0, Charleston 3

  • F. Freeman - 1-4 3B
  • J. Locke - 6.2IP 8H 3R 2BB 1K

Every time I see Jeff Locke's name in the box score I think of John Locke and then I think about that damn coffin on the season finale. Was anyone at the game tonight? Why didn't Heyward play? Did he get called up or just taking the night off?