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Weekly Minor League Update + HOTLIST: Playing Catch-up

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So yeah I'll try to cover some of the stuff that I have missed over the past week or so.

Richmond 28-28

Richmond has dropped back to second in the division and 2 games back of Durham. They went 14-15 during the month of May but they did have a 7 game losing streak tossed in there in the last week or two that kind of crippled them. The pitching has dropped a bit and now sits in the middle of the league with a 3.95 ERA. The offense has plummeted though down to the second worst OPS in the entire league. Thats just horrible considering what they were doing a few weeks ago. Jason Perry might help a little though I think he will struggle more at AAA. Scott Thorman has been coming around so we might see a boost there.

Mississippi 22-35

The M-Braves went 16-13 for the month which is obviously a marked improvement over the first month of the season. Jason Perry powered the offense most of the month but he was moved up to Richmond recently and Reid Gorecki (another journeyman OF) hit the crap out of the ball for a few days but then went on the DL. Jordan Schafer is back with the team and will probably be in the lineup again here in the next couple of days. The team still has the worst BA in the league at .236 as a team and the second worst OPS at .676. They also have the worst ERA in the league with a horrible 5.06 mark. I don't know how they won most of the month like they did. They are 10-8 in 1 run ball games.

Myrtle Beach 37-20

This team has been a juggernaut the last month and a half. They are 9.5 games up on the second place Kinston team. Recently the Pelicans have been my only bright light in the Braves Universe. They went an incredible 20-9 during the month of May. They did lose their best pitcher (Tommy Hanson) to Mississippi but the rest of the pieces in that rotation have been solid and Chris Vines has been pretty good since he returned to starting. Their ERA is easily the best in the league at a paltry 3.06. They still have the best OPS in the league and lead in homers also. We'll probably see an OF with Gorkys Hernandez and Jason Heyward here soon I would think.

Rome 18-38

I am just amazed at how bad this team is. As good as the Pelicans have been this team has been worse. At 20-8 for the month nothing good can really be found outside of the 3-4 men in the lineup. Jason Heyward and Freddie Freeman have been all the offense for most of the past month and sooner or later I would think they'd break down from all the pressure. The ERA hasn't been horrible, not good, but not horrible either. The team OPS is second to last. All I have to say is Secondbass and company need to root harder or slip the team some HGH or something!


  1. Jason Heyward - So as one of the youngest players in the SAL (Angel Villalona of Augusta is the youngest) Heyward .345/.398/.564 for the month of May. He walked more, struck out less and spiked his power. A good sign of real improvement.
  2. Freddie Freeman - What these have done can't be stated without also noting how bad their offense is outside of them. Frederick went .313/.336/.625 on the month. Obviously he needs to walk a bit more after only 4 in 112 ABs in May but his power was amazing with 21 XBH for the month after only 7 in April.
  3. Scott Thorman - A bounce back month for the former prospect. He went .333/.343/.635 for the month. Again, not many walks but 17 XBH in less than 100 ABs ain't bad.
  4. Kyle Cofield - a 1.57 ERA for a month is excellent. He walked a crap ton of people - 28.2 IP 22/16 K/BB -  but it didn't matter too much. I'll keep an eye on those Ks and Walks but everything else was good it seems. He had a decent ground ball average so that works for him.
  5. Charlie Morton - Well amazingly Morton was even better this month than last. He went 3-1 with a 1.60 ERA in 39.1 innings with a 32/12 K/BB. An excellent month for him and if anyone else goes missing in the starting rotation in Atl. it will be hard to ignore his performance so far. Only thing we have to watch for with him is his annual late season decline.