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Fish @ Braves: Phone Home

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I'm usually a pretty big homer, but the Braves have been finding all sorts of ways to mess-up games lately. I just can't watch anymore. It's actually a fortuitous thing that I'm headed out to the west coast this morning and I won't be able to watch them for eight days. At least then it will only be one horrendous minute or two when I read the box score.

The problem with box scores is that a lot of our problems lately have been problems that don't appear in box scores. Misplayed balls in the field, someone not backing up the right base, baserunning mistakes, the petty list goes on and on. It's like we need a fundamentals spring-training-esque class here in the middle of the season. But these guys know how the game should be played, they're just not executing.

The lucky part of last night's game is that we were finally able to come back after letting the lead slip away (twice) in the late innings. I said a few days ago that Soriano and Smoltz would have to shake the cobwebs off, and it's good to get a win in a game where they didn't have their best stuff.

Playing baseball is tough... so is watching baseball.

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