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Minor League Recap 6/25: Someone Threw a NO HITTER!!!!

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Sorry for the no posting, I finally did the move to West Virginia and I have been getting settled in. I'll have to take a couple days off again at the beginning of August because I am staying in a hotel currently. Anyways read on to find out who threw a No Hitter.

Richmond 1, Pawktucket 10

  • C. Loadenthal - 2-3 BB
  • B. Canizares - 2-4 HR(9)

Well nothing too exciting here. Canizares is still hitting well, though his AVG is down to .312. Richmond is now 4 games out of first place and 3 games under .500 which is amazing considering at one time they had a 6 game lead (I think). Can't be helped I guess.

Birmingham 0, Mississippi 10

  • T. Hanson - 9IP 0H 0R 3BB 14K
  • M. Kotsay - 2-3
  • R. Gorecki - 2-3 BB
  • J. Schafer - 2-4 3B, 3 RBI, 2 K

Well Tommy Hanson went and threw himself a no-freakin-hitter. His stuff must have been nasty tonight. Is there any doubt now that he is our best pitching prospect? His ERA at AA is currently 4.23. If you look at his starts in Mississippi he really has only had two bad starts where he went a total of 7.2 innings and gave up 14 runs. In the other 42.1 innings he has pitched he has allowed only 10 earned runs. Very, very impressive. Jordan Scafer's triple brings his XBH/H ratio to 12/23. When more than 50% of your hits go for extra bases you are doing alright.

Myrtle Beach - Off


Rome 5, Savannah 5 - In Progress


Danville 7, Princeton 1

  • S. Moody - 2-4
  • G. Rodriguez - 2-4 HR(5), K
  • C. Hodges - 6IP 5H 1R 0BB 4K

I think they should probably go ahead and send Rodriguez up. He is killing the ball. Hodges (23rd Rd.) pitched another solid game. Moody is hitting .417 so far.

Braves 5, Indians 0

  • T. Adair - 2-4
  • J. Hanson - 2-3
  • O. Marval - 2-3 2 RBI
  • M. Hampton - 2.2IP 3H 0R 0BB 2K

I would trade Mike Hampton for a stick of 100 year old bubble gum.