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Beer Makers @ Braves

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As the Brew-hah's come to town for three games against the Braves, a quick look at the standings will tell you that the Brewers have been a much better team this year -- perhaps an historically bizarre thing to say. The Brew-crew is 7 games over .500 while the Braves are a measly one game under .500, but the Braves are strangely closer to the top of their division than the Brewers. Atlanta is 4-games in back of Philly for the Eastern division lead, while Milwaukee is 6.5-games in back of the back of the Chicago.

This whole "only 4-games back" thing has me a bit concerned in some ways. The Braves are clearly not playing with that much consistency, yet they are within reach of the division lead. This worries me in that we could limp our way into being just a game or two back from the division lead and still be this schizophrenic team which could suddenly collapse. I realize a collapse is the case in any season, but it seems a lot more likely this season with all of our injuries to key players and the inexperience that has been forced into the rotation.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago that the Braves should consider being sellers this year if they are still languishing around the middle of July, and I proposed that we attempt to trade Teixeira among others. I got a lot of flack and disagreement in that piece by saying that we could recoup a lot of the talent -- in terms of potential prospects -- that we traded away to get Teixeira. I'd like to point out an article written by one of the Braves beat writers today which may validate, or at least give more credence, to what I wrote. This comes from Mark Bowman in his weekly Mailbag feature:

If some of you aren't reading this until Thursday and the Braves have already dropped a few games and once again have been deemed sellers, then of course I believe they'll be selling Mark Teixeira to the highest bidder. If Sunday was the start of one his hot streaks, Wren might be able to make a deal that allows him to replace much of the talent that was lost last year with Teixeira's acquisition.

I'm not the only one thinking these thoughts...
By his comments throughout the piece, I'm also not the only one who thinks this team is unreliable...

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Milwaukee Brewers
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Monday, Jun 23, 2008, 7:10 PM EDT
Turner Field

Ben Sheets vs Jo-Jo Reyes

Partly cloudy. Winds blowing from left to right field at 5-15 m.p.h. Game Time temperature: Around 85.

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