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Minor League Recaps: 6/22

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Richmond 7, Syracuse 5

  • J. Anderson - 3-5
  • S. Thorman - 1-4 HR(10), 3 RBI, 2 K
  • C. James - 5IP 6H 5R 4BB 4K

Not a great start from Chuck James though he didn't allow a run in his last three starts so I'll grant him this. The offense scored all 7 runs in the 2nd inning. After I praised Scott Thorman so much last month he has come down to earth a bit in June hitting only .224 with an OPS under .700. Zach Schreiber was a guy on our radar at the end of last season and he currently has a 2.92 ERA out of the bullpen. He has a horrible flyball ratio and he walks more men than he strikes out but he keeps the hits low. We'll have to see if he can keep that up.

Mississippi 9, Montgomery 8 (11 Innings)

  • R. Gorecki - 3-5 2 RBI, BB, K, 2 SB
  • G. Creek - 1-3 HR(4), 3 RBI, 2 BB
  • K. Kaaihue - 1-5 HR(8), BB, K
  • J. Schafer - 1-5 2B, RBI, BB, 2 K
  • K. Medlen - 7IP 5H 2R 0BB 5K

The M-Braves tried to give this one away. They had the lead for most of the game and then Kevin Gunderson and Luis Valdez both gave up their first runs of the month (Valdez actually hasn't allowed a run since April) to send it to extras. Kala Kaaihue has been dominant in the month of June with an OPS over 1.000 and batting nearly .350. Jordan Schafer is still having problems making consistent contact, but 11 of his 19 hits so far have been for extra bases. The big news here is that Kris Medlen finally made the full transition into starter and did great. He started the conversion around the first of the month and his walks have been up until tonight but his ERA has been more than half a run lower as a starter. For those that don't remember he was our top reliever prospect heading into the season. He could a valuable starter.

Myrtle Beach 4, Lynchburg 5

  • E. Campbell - 1-3 HR(6), 3 RBI, BB, K
  • B. Hicks - 1-4 2B

Nothing really exciting to report here. Eric Campbell is essentially doing what he did last season. Hitting for power with a low average and good peripherals. I still like his talent but he may not have many more chances.

Savannah 3, Rome 2

  • J. Heyward - 2-4 RBI
  • A. Coe - 2-4 2B
  • E. Osuna - 7IP 9H 3R 1BB 9K

When Edgar Osuna starts for this Rome team he has been the best starter out of them all. His 3.27 ERA is the best among guys who have started a game and he has 64 Ks in 52.1 IP. I'm impressed and he is someone we should keep an eye on.

Danville 5, Greeneville 4

  • C. Fuller - 3-5 2B
  • C. Shehan - 3-5 HR(1), 3 RBI
  • M. Elkerson - 2-3 2B
  • R. Sullivan - 3.2IP 2H 1R 0BB 5K
  • C. Kimbrel - 2IP 1H 0R 1BB 2K

Craig Kimbrel was taken by the Braves in the 3rd round out of Wallace State College. He is closer with a high K Rate (he struck out nearly 13 men per 9 IP in 2007). Shehan hits the ball real hard. Richard Sullivan was our 11th round pick out of Savannah College of Art and Design (I KNOW PEOPLE THERE!!!).

Blue Jays 5, Braves 7

  • C. Parra - 4-5 2B, RBI
  • D. Matra - 2-3 2 RBI
  • C. Maddox - 1-4 HR(1), 4 RBI, K
  • M. Hampton - 3IP 1H 0R 0BB 2K

Seriously what the hell is Mike Hampton doing? I mean he is taking away innings that some of our young draft picks could be using to develop themselves yet here he is ruining that for them too. WE ALL KNOW YOU AREN'T GOING TO EVER PITCH AGAIN. Mac was right.