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M's @ Braves: Sink or Swim

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The Mariners are 4 games worse than the second worst team in baseball (the Nats) so we really need to just sweep this series at home.

We get to miss Felix Hernandez in the series which, to me, is good and bad. On the good side he is one of the best pitchers in the American League right now. On the bad side is I would love to watch him pitch, I guess I'll just have to MLB TV again so I can keep up with exploits.

Campillo was great in his last start for the Braves and has been a bit of a revelation as a starter. His 2.17 ERA is the best on the team for anyone with over 5 starts. What is impressive to me is he has 45 Ks in 54 IP. The guy throws all kinds of slow stuff but he is smart enough to strike men out. I love it.

Anyways I don't have anything else, so I leave you with the MANtage: