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Braves @ Rockies: One Game to Rule them All

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Well here we are in the middle of June making up a game that was postponed due to snow. I guess since we only play the Rockies twice this year (home & away) they had to find some random day to play. Weird schedules we have these days.

Jurrjens throws for Atl tonight and his shine has started to come off a little in the past 3 games (his ERA has risen over a run in those games). I'm not pronouncing DOOM here but I think he may have made his rounds through the league and everyone has the book on him now. Jair just needs to make the adjustments in response. Colorado was one of the teams the Jurrjens actually struggled against in his first month and they are hot right now, so tonight should be a solid test for him.

Jimenez is one of the hard throwing youngsters that the Rockies are touting as the future of their rotation. He pitched very well in the playoffs last year but during the regular season this year (and last year as well) he has given up his share of hits and walks. He beat us last time out but he didn't pitch great. We just need to capitalize on the mistakes he will make.

Injuries: Atlanta Braves


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Tim Hudson dehydration/cramping in right hand 6.16.2008
Jair Jurrjens sprained right ankle 6.16.2008


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Matt Diaz partially torn left PCL 5.28.2008
Tom Glavine strained left elbow 6.11.2008
Mike Gonzalez left elbow surgery 3.21.2008
Mike Hampton strained left pectoral muscle 3.30.2008
Mark Kotsay strained lower back 5.26.2008
Martin Prado sprained left thumb 5.5.2008
John Smoltz right shoulder surgery 6.3.2008
Rafael Soriano right elbow inflammation 6.6.2008

60 Day DL / Out for the season

Player Injury Type Injury Date
Anthony Lerew right elbow surgery 3.21.2008
Peter Moylan right elbow surgery 4.12.2008