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Gondeee on the Road Again

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Since I obviously can't see any good baseball in Atlanta, I figured why not head out and see what some other teams have to offer. I'll be departing early Saturday morning via Delta charter (just like the Braves) to Boston. From Boston I'll be getting right out of town and going to Cooperstown -- it's my first time to the Mecca of Baseball. While in Cooperstown I'll be taking in the Hall of Fame Game (the final one perhaps) as the Padres take on the Cubs.

After Cooperstown I'll be heading down to Philadelphia to see the Red Sox hopefully beat the living crap out of the Phils. Then I'll head up to New York for a couple of days and take in a game at Yankee Stadium before they tear it down (I believe they play the Padres).

From New York I head back to Boston and attempt to find a scalped ticket for the Cardinals verses Red Sox on Friday (if anyone would like to offer me two free tickets I will gladly accept).

I don't know how much I'll be posting, but really, what am I going to post about; the latest injury... ugh. I'll try and check in with some updates and possible pictures as much as I can.