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NAHWAL Chief Goes to a Vote

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Okay, I'm off my ass just long enough to put up this post; a post which will decide who will be the all-powerful NAHWAL Chief. In the earlier fan post I posted asking who would be interested I got essentially three nominations of readers who would be interested in throwing their hat in the ring -- bigjoe, sdp, and jug. I'm pretty sure I'm fine with any of these fellows running the game, so I'm leaving it up to you the readers and players of the game to decide who it will be.

Vote in the poll below, and campaign for whoever you feel deserves it. It's still election season so why not have an election of our own. The poll will end on Wednesday at noon.

By the way, as the sole member of the Talking Chop rules committee I have the right to choose which votes will count and which one's won't. For instance, RehabReject and ejruiz will only have their vote counted as half since I know they both live in Florida... seems like a good well thought through idea.