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Minor League Openers

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Every Braves minor league team except for Myrtle Beach lost yesterday -- man, it's been a tough week for Braves teams. Here's a picture by Chip Jett from the Rome home opener. He had this to say about two of our top prospects:

One interesting observation....Johnson and Heyward were together all the time - running, swinging, throwing - everything.

Are they the next Francoeur and McCann BFFs? Pictured below from left to right is Cody Johnson, Freddie Freeman, and Jason Heyward.


For Myrtle Beach, Tommy Hanson made the opening day start and pitched five no-hit innings issuing only one walk and striking out 13 -- he struck out all but three batters! But in true Braves fashion early this year, the team didn't win, or score any runs, until the 13th inning.