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Game Thread and NAHWAL: Stupid Schedule Edition

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Sorry about the late post guys. I was under the impression the game would be starting later. Lucky for everyone I got off work early today! I'll be doing a catch-up post tonight for the minor league stuff. I don't know when I can do the NAHWAL update because I don't have a functioning copy of Excel at the moment and the Google program bollux's the spreadsheet up. Anyways post your picks!

Next Game

Atlanta Braves
@ Washington Nationals

Wednesday, Apr 30, 2008, 4:35 PM EDT
Nationals Park

Jair Jurrjens vs Shawn Hill

Partly cloudy. Winds blowing in from left field at 5-10 m.p.h. Game Time temperature: Around 60.

Complete Coverage >

Anyone else find it ironic that is, in a sense, the end of a month long 3 game series with the Nats?

*Addendum: The Braves have heard my plea and will start Jo-Jo Reyes on Saturday. Any predictions on how he will do? He did give up two runs in his short start last night which tripled his runs allowed for the year. I have strong faith.