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Game Thread and NAHWAL: Braves @ Exp... err Nats

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The weird scheduling continues with the Braves finishing up their 3 game season opening series with Nats - four weeks after it started. Seriously I don't think I have ever seen a team get two scheduled off days in the same week. Usually something like this is balanced out with a four game weekend series or something.

Really I can't complain. This is much needed right now with so many players hurting. Chipper should be back in the lineup tonight along with Yunel Escobar. Smotlz is still having shoulder discomfort (whatever that is) and his status is to be determined. Rafael Soriano still has soreness in his elbow after throwing a side session on Sunday. That worries me more than anything else.

In good injury news, Tom Glavine will come off the disabled list tonight to make his start. Tommy has pitched pretty well so far this year but his last start was against the Nats and he failed to record an out due to his injury. I'm sure he will be looking to finish what he started tonight.

NL East Standings

Florida 15 10 .600 0 Won 1
Philadelphia 14 12 .538 1.5 Lost 1
New York 13 11 .541 1.5 Won 2
Atlanta 12 13 .480 3 Lost 2
Washington 9 17 .346 6.5 Won 1

(updated 4.28.2008 at 1:59 PM EDT)

Looks like the Mets, Phillies and Braves keep beating up on each other (and getting wins against the Washington) while the Fish somehow find ways to win each night and hold their division lead. As long as no one pull away big we will be ok, but we can't weather these injuries all season.