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4/25 Minor League Update: Mike Hampton Rehab

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Norfolk 6, Richmond 8

B. Lillibridge - 3-5 3 RBI

B. Jones - 2-5 RBI, BB

W. Timmons - 3-3 2B, RBI, BB

M. Hampton - 3IP 3H 0R 1BB 2K

Hampton throws his first rehab start and puts up similar numbers to the ones he had in spring training. Now who here actually thinks he will make a start with the real Braves? I just feel like he is scared at this point and he proved during spring training and now that he can get people out. Come on Mike, give us something for our $15 mil. I hope that Brent Lillibridge has been playing hurt, because he has been horrible. Maybe this is a good sign.

Mississippi 10, Mobile 4

M. Young - 3-4 RBI, 2 SB

J. Perry - 1-4 HR(3), 3 RBI, K

G. Creek - 2-4 2 K

J. Parr - 5IP 3H 1R 2BB 3K

Wow, Mississippi has won 3 of its last 5. I think it has something to do with having Jason Perry in the middle of the order. He appears to be a legitimate AA hitter which helps stabilize the lineup a little better. Parr pitched well with in  rather short outing. The M-Braves are now 5-17 on the season.

Salem 5, Myrtle Beach 4

T. Jones 2-5 RBI, SB

P. Britton - 2-4 RBI, K

D. Heath - 6IP 2H 4R 1ER 3BB 5K

Heath is still giving up walks, but at least this time he struck out more than he walked. The defense was a little porous with 4 errors (2 from Powell the 3B). It will be interesting to note what happens to the offense with Hernandez out with the hammy injury. He really was a bit of a spark plug. Maybe Jones will get moved back up to take advantage of his speed.

Rome 3, Savannah 5

A. Coe - 2-5

J. Heyward - 1-3 RBI

C. Johnson - 2-4 K

J. Locke - 6IP 4H 1R 0ER 1BB 5K

Locke came out and pitched his best game of the season. He has been getting better and better as we have gone along and hopefully he'll be tossing nothing but no-hitters by August. Adam Coe got a bump up in the lineup to coincide with his hot play as of late. Keep watching him. I command it.