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4/23 & 4/24 Minor League Updates

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Sorry about not updating last night. I got home late and the site was down so nothing could be done unfortunately. So in return I am just going to amalgamate the two days into some shorter recaps of the games to help me cope a little. (I might do this a couple times this week with the other stuff too).

4/23 Recaps

Richmond 7, Norfolk 8 (final in 14 inn.)

A long one here and another one run game for the R-Braves. Charlie Morton pitched well over six innings only allowing 3 runs and striking out 7. He continues to impress and it looks like he actually did make some improvements during the off season and it wasn't just some fluky good pitching. The crazy thing in this game is the Braves stole 8 bases throughout the game including 3 by Josh Anderson. They were 8-8. That is a bad night by a catcher.

Huntsville 9, Mississippi 1

Huntsville non-prospect Sam Narron had a perfect game going with two out in the 8th before giving up a triple to Diory Hernandez. I really can't say anything else about this game. Even the immortal Jason Perry was hitless.

Lynchburg 4, Myrtle Beach 7

Gorkys Hernandez had 2 more hits including another double, but left the game late with pulled hammy. That is never good for a speed guy. Brandon Hicks homered and Gonzalo Lopez pitched pretty well. Kevin Gunderson might be our closer of the future and he hasn't allowed a run yet this season.

Rome 2, Columbus 5

Chad Rodgers got hit hard again and is appearing very hittable so far this year. His control appears to be fine and he is striking out a fair amount of hitters, but teams are just getting hits off of him. Heyward had a hit and Michael Fisher had a couple with a couple RBI to top it off.

4/24 Update

Richmond 2, Norfolk 1

J Reyes - 7IP 5H 1R 1BB 6K 0.43 ERA

A bit of a prospect pitching duel here between Jo-Jo Reyes and Rahdames Liz. Reyes finally gave up his first run of the year but got the win and pitched excellent overall. Also, Reyes picked off three runners in the game which is the first time I have ever seen that happen. Impressive. Five starts into the season I can't see anything wrong with him. It is good to know we have some depth waiting in the minors should Chuckie dig a hole too deep to dig out of. This is the Richmond Braves 9th one run game of the year and they are 5-3 in those games.

Mississippi 0, Mobile 2

Dan Smith actually pitched really well in this game but was pulled after 5 and Kris Medlen gave up 2 runs in the 7th. Whatever, the M-Braves only managed 3 hits in the entire game totaling 5 in two games. Sad, very sad.

Salem 1, Myrtle Beach 13

T. Hanson - 7IP 4H 1R 2BB 6K 0.31 ERA

So Tommy Hanson finally gave up an earned run but remains barely hittable. I have to find a way to see him in person at some point this season. The offense really picked it up with Gorkys sitting out with the sore hammy. Brandon Hicks went 2-3 with a 2B and a HR and has been hitting really well since his return to the line up.  Tyler Flowers also went 2-4 with 2B and a couple RBI, but his average has slipped a bit. Full time catching might be taking a toll on him (though he does DH regularly). Myrtle Beach is 5-1 in their last six and has taken the lead in their division with their strong pitching being the backbone as of late.

Rome 5, Savannah 4

Homers from Samuel Sime, Freddie Freeman and Cody Johnson propelled Rome to the victory. A strong outing from Jose Ortegano also didn't hurt much. He struck out eight over six innings and only allowed one run. He has been solid for most of the season and probably is establishing himself on some of the prospect lists. We really do have a lot of pitching depth in the lower reaches of the minors.

I might try something different with the Hotlist come Monday. We shall see what the wild hair tells me to do. Stay tuned.