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Would you trade John Smoltz for Brandon Webb?

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More polarizing trade propositions! And I'll stick with the Diamondbacks for this one as well. The title speaks for itself. Would you do the deal if you were the Braves GM and the deal was offered to you? I would say the only stipulation is that money isn't an issue, but since Smoltz actually makes more than Webb, it really isn't an issue.

Ok so just remember Webb has been a very good pitcher since he debuted in the league never posting and ERA above 3.59 and he is the owner of the 2006 Cy Young. Smoltz is still a very good pitcher and has only recently shown signs of slowing down. Is it possible his shoulder stiffness is a permanent ailment and he may never be able to go more than 5 or six innings again? Or will he bounce back like he did last year and throw 200+ innings again this year? Discuss and debate!