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Spring Interview with Braves Reliever Peter Moylan

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I caught up with Braves relief pitcher Peter Moylan in the middle of spring training in the Atlanta clubhouse. Peter's a jovial guy who is looking to crack jokes whenever he can and often answers questions with a tinge of sarcasm. He's a real joy to interview, and he's someone who is almost always available to answer a few questions. Hopefully we'll get to see him pitch again this year, but it's looking more and more like he's destined for Tommy John surgery.

Martin Gandy:  So how was your off-season.

Peter Moylan:  It was good, really good. I went back [to Australia], worked out a lot actually, went down to the beach a lot, and swam and ran and hopped on the bike... tanned, all the important stuff.

MG:  Did you work on anything in particular?

PM:  No, not really. I started playing catch in November and didn't throw any pins until I came over here, then when I came over here is when I started getting it going again.

MG:  How would you assess your 2007 season?

PM:  It was pretty good. There's room for improvement. I've spent the majority of spring training working on a change-up that will help me be more consistent against left-handed hitters. I'm looking forward to starting the year, and there are new challenges every year, and it's going to be tough to build on what happened last year but I just sort of see it as a challenge.

MG:  Do you feel that your role is defined already as the setup man?

PM:  People have told me that as well, but nothing has been said, and no one actually comes and says, "oh, your role's going to be this."

MG:  What about long relief, you did a lot of long relief early in the season last year. Which role do you prefer?

PM:  Doesn't matter if it's the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth inning, it doesn't matter, I go at it with the same mindset.

MG:  Well, there's a difference in pitching three than pitching one inning.

PM:  Sure, but you get more rest when you pitch three. I'm the kind of guy that wants the ball every single day, so it doesn't matter to me what inning it is.

MG:  Describe yourself as a pitcher.

PM:  Junk-baller.

MG:  Junk-baller? A side-arm junk-baller.

PM:  You got it. I pitch to contact to try and get guys to hit it on the ground.

MG:  Now that Damian Moss is in camp along with Phil Stockman, do you feel any extra pressure being that the team still does have a one Aussi policy?

PM:  Well, I think we're going to break that tradition. There's always room for more Australians -- that's just how we roll.

MG:  You're just taking over the baseball world.

PM:  <laughing> That's right! One Aussi at a time.

MG:  Do you look at your stats during the season?

PM:  Not really, but it's pretty hard not to with reporters asking questions about certain stats. But I don't go home after every game and see how my ERA's looking. I know whether I've done my job and that's all I care about.

MG:  Do you pay any attention to any one particular stat?

PM:  I mean ERA's can get... you have one bad outing in a year and your ERA can get blown out of proportion.

MG:  Okay, thanks a lot Peter.