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4/18 Minor League Update

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Richmond 0, Rochester 1 

  • J. Reyes - 5IP 2H 0R 2BB 4K
  • B. Lillibridge - 2-3 2B, BB, SB, CS 
  • B. Canizares - 1-3 BB, 2K
  • Another excellent start from Jo-Jo. This really makes me wonder why Chuck James got the call from Atlanta to take Glavine's place. Even the hidden numbers look good: He threw 89 pitches and 64 for strikes. I wonder why they aren't letting him go longer into games? Anyways, he hasn't allowed a run yet this year and has 18K in 14IP with a .79 WHIP. Wow. Who is pitching better: Jo-Jo or Tommy?

    Mississippi 2, Birmingham 3

  • D. Hernandez - 1-5 HR(1), RBI 
  • K. Kaaihue - 2-4 2 K 
  • D. Evans - 7IP 6H 3R 2BB 7K
  • Evans pitched well and Hernandez had his first homer, but aside from that there isn't much positive going on for these guys. They have the worst ERA in the Southern League (by nearly a run), the second worst .OPS (by .002) and the most errors. They really need some help. Maybe Atlanta can demote some players to help them. Send Chipper down there for a couple of games.

    Myrtle Beach 4, Kinston 2

  • P. Britton - 1-3 RBI, K 
  • J. Owings - 2-4 2 K, 1 SB 
  • R. Marcial - 3-4 RBI 
  • G. Lopez - 5IP 2H 0R 2BB 4K
  • There wasn't much to this game really. Long time prospect and holder of the "Best Name in the System" award, Gonzalo Lopez pitched very well for the first time this season. Scouts have always said he has a really live arm, but he just hasn't ever put everything together. Britton had an error and a passed ball. Kevin Gunderson, the Pelican's closer, hasn't allowed a run this year, but he has walked 5 in 7.2IP. He could be useful, but that walk rate bears some watching. Hanson throws tomorrow for the Beach.

    Savannah 1, Rome 3

  • C. Rodriguez - 2-4 
  • J. Heyward - 2-4 RBI, 2 K, SB(5)
  • F. Freeman - 1-3 2B, Rbi
  • S. Evarts - 6IP 4H 1R 1BB 4K

    Another excellent start from Steve Evarts. He issued his first walk of the year giving him a 14/1 K/BB ratio..... Lets prorate that for a second shall we? Lets assume a 200 strike out season would come out to 14 walks for the entire year. I'll take that. That is Maddux like control. He had a roughly 11/1 ratio last year so he does have amazing control, but I think he will have to learn to waste some more pitches as he moves up the ladder. Just so you know, this pitching laden team has the worst ERA in the Sally League. That is a bit surprising.

    Lets do a hypothetical question tonight. If the Braves demoted Chipper to AA, assuming he played 140 games, what kind of season do you think he could put up? I think he would do something like .400/45/120 with 1.300 OPS. What do you guys think?