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Spring Interview with Braves Outfielder Jeff Francoeur

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Here is my spring interview with Jeff Francoeur. It's a pretty short one, Frenchy was in a hurry and didn't have that much time to stop and talk. One of my questions is no longer relevant, but I left it in there because I like how he answered it. Hopefully you will enjoy this brief interview with Jeff Francoeur.

Martin Gandy:  How was your off-season?

Jeff Francoeur:  It was good. I got married, obviously. Other than that, just worked out a lot and tried to get ready for the season the best I can.

MG:  How much did the wedding planning and events intersect with your baseball-related off-season?

JF:  It wasn't bad, because I got married so early, so when we got back I just got going right away and kept it going -- it was fun.

MG:  Did you work on anything in particular this off-season?

JF:  Like I said, just really getting stronger -- lifting a lot and trying to work on that and seeing what could happen. So far I feel good this spring.

MG:  How would you assess your 2007 season?

JF:  I would say it was a good step for me in my development as a player. I got a lot better in certain areas and hopefully I can continue to strive for more of that this year, to keep doing better and move up. I feel like I got a good start and made some adjustments last year and hopefully I can continue to make them this year.

MG:  Have you set any goals for yourself this year?

JF:  Not really. Obviously as a power hitter your goal is always 100 RBI if you get the chance. But my goal is really just to concentrate on my on-base percentage going up and getting walks.

MG:  Some people describe you as the sexy guy on the Atlanta roster.

JF:  <laugh>

MG:  Do you feel threatened, now that Javy Lopez is back, that he might steal that title?

JF:  I think that's gone. I think Javy's got it back -- all the girls love Javy. So, what are you gonna do.

MG:  What is your favorite baseball interview cliche that you use?

JF:  Probably "just continue to improve." You hear everybody say it all the time, and it's the truth.