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2009 Combined Top-25 Braves Prospects

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As we do every year here at Talking Chop, I've taken all of the top-25 prospect list submissions and averaged them into one combined list that will server as the official Talking Chop top-25 Braves prospects for 2009. Here is the list:

1      Jason Heyward, OF
2      Tommy Hanson, RHP
3      Jordan Schafer, OF
4      Freddie Freeman, 1B
5      Tyler Flowers, C
6      Cole Rohrbough, LHP
7      Gorkys Hernandez, OF
8      Jeff Locke, LHP
9      Kris Medlen, RHP
10    Julio Teheran, LHP
11    Jon Gilmore, 3B
12    Brandon Hicks, SS
13    Cody Johnson, OF
14    Craig Kimbrel, RHP
15    Eric Campbell, 3B
16    Brett DeVall, LHP
17    Edgar Osuna, LHP
18    Todd Redmond, RHP
19    Brent Lillibridge, SS
19    Kala Ka'aihue, 1B
21    Travis Jones, 2B
22    Scott Diamond, LHP
23    Zeke Spruill, RHP
24    Eric Cordier, RHP
25    James Parr, RHP
25    Steve Evarts, LHP

Good work by everyone who participated by submitting their top-25. I like this approach as it usually gets rid of the outliers in individual's lists and gives a better overall picture of what people think of the prospects in our system.

The complete breakdown is after the jump...