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Giles Lands in Colorado

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A quick little ex-Brave check this morning finds our former second baseman Marcus Giles signing a minor-league deal with the defending NL Champion Colorado Rockies. I particularly like the honesty of Giles' agent:

"Of all the opportunities he had, and there weren't many, this was the best one," said Giles' agent, Joe Bick.

Giles looks to be competing with young prospect Jayson Nix in spring training for the second base job. I used to really like Giles as a Brave - he was scrappy and undersized and full of energy. My opinion of him turned a bit when we put him in the leadoff spot - a position he was never really suited for and one which he never wanted to be in.

I'm not sure his stroke translates well to Colorado. He's a career .281 hitter at Coors Field, but having watched the way Giles gets wide-eyed at the plate when he thinks he can hit a homerun, I'm fairly certain that his big sweeping swing will be full-energy-swinging for the fences more often than not.