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Community Projection: Tom Glavine

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So apparently this Tom Glavine pitcher-guy is back with the Braves. Strange, seems the first I've heard of it. At any rate we'll go ahead and boldly project what his 42 year old body might be able to accomplish this year.

Could a return to Atlanta be like a mental shot of HGH to Glav? Being reunited with old pal John Smoltz and long-time manager Bobby Cox might trigger an extra effort in old Tom. Being closer to home might make him more at ease and better prepared to go deeper into games or be more effective the second time through the order.

I don't know that we can really look at trends or patterns and try to figure out what an aging Glavine will do this year on the mound, that's why I brought up all the "return to the ATL" stuff in the intro. That may very well help him in 2008, but being closer to home could also mean more distractions or a false sense of comfort on the mound or before games.

I've been saying it since we signed Glavine; I think he'll have a really good first 180 innings, but after that it might get ugly. Of course, this could be where Bobby Cox really comes into play. Glavine was for all intents and purposes the Mets' ace last year, but he won't be the Braves ace this year, so he won't be asked to go as deep into games or be the stopper in the rotation as much as he was last year. That leads me to believe that he may not accumulate more than 200 innings, or even more than 180. It behooves Cox and the Braves to help Glavine realize that he's not a 200 inning pitcher anymore (heck, to Clemons credit, he realized this in his early 40's even if he did have "outside" help).

With that in mind, here is my projection for Tom Glavine in 2008:

16-9 with a 3.98 ERA in 182 IP while making all 33 starts

If nothing else, it seems all is once again right with the world knowing that Tommy is back in a Braves uniform. It would have been nice to keep him here all along, but money is money and baseball is sometimes just business.

FYI, on a non-baseball personal note, I've been super-busy at my job situation the last week and will be into next week -- it's been intruding into my personal time. Thanks to everyone for keeping up the comments and the diaries. I guess if I have to be busy this time of year is the best time since there's hardly any news. Things should clear up for me right around pitchers and catchers.