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Spring Training Guide for Free!

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I love it when publishers give stuff away for free. It so rarely happens, but I was recently contacted by the publisher for a Florida Spring Training guide who relayed to me that the entire contents of just such a guide was available online for free! It's actually just called Florida Spring Training, and it is a third edition so I'm guessing it will be a bit more up to date than most guides. In looking over the different sections there are some great tips that go beyond the basics. Things such as where to sit in the shade, where the best spot is for autographs, things to do around the stadium - there seems to be a lot of first hand knowledge of the area and the park.

They are sending me a review copy (one of the perks of being a blogger), and once I get that and look over it I'll give you my opinion of whether you should buy the book or just use the free online access. We'll see if the book has more in the way of maps and such.

I'll be down in Whorelando around the second weekend in March to take in some games and get some interviews. If you haven't been to spring training yet, then you're really missing out. I'll also be posting some of my own tips as we get closer to pitchers and catchers.