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Braves 400 Club Winter Banquet

I was recently contacted by the Braves 400 Club and asked if I'd post a line about their upcoming banquet.

This year's theme, "Celebrating 30 Years of TBS and the Atlanta Braves", will feature players, announcers and video highlights from the past 30 seasons of WTBS coverage. Longtime Braves announcer Pete Van Wieren will emcee the evening's festivities. Early RSVPs include Skip and Chip Caray, Phil Niekro, Rick Camp, former Major Leaguer Jerry Lynch, and Braves minor league stars Jo Jo Reyes, Jordan Schafer, and Wes Timmons, Richmond manager Dave Brundage, former UGA star and Cubs minor leaguer Jonathan Wyatt, and Metro-Atlanta High School Player of the Year Chris Epps from Dunwoody High School.

Awards include the Ivan Allen Jr. "Mr. Baseball" Award, Luke Appling Nostalgia Award, outstanding performances by Braves minor leaguers, college and high school players, and the 2008 Phil Niekro College Scholarships.

Admission is open to the public at a cost of $65, which includes dinner and a well-stocked goody bag. Make reservations on the club website

It sounds like an interesting event, and something where you can get close and actually interact with some players. With Niekro, Schafer, and Reyes in attendance that is certainly reason enough to consider going. I asked the organizer if this was an event where you could get autographs, and he said while it wasn't specifically an "autograph event" there would be opportunities to ask individual players and personalities for an autograph. This is not a place where you could ask them to sign a lot of items - that would be an abuse of the event.

Dinner, goody bag, the opportunity to talk to some players, maybe even get some autographs, for $65 - and it's a fundraiser - sounds pretty reasonable.

Beyond the info above I don't know much about the event or the 400 Club. Actually, I had never heard of that club until I was contacted. Has anyone else heard of it or gone to any of their events?