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First Picks for the Trades

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Scratch off 2005 first round pick Joey Devine, he was just traded to Oakland for Mark Kotsay.

Go ahead and eliminate the other first round draft pick from 2005, Beau Jones, he was part of the Teixeira deal.

We didn't have a first round pick in 2004.

Scratch off both first round picks in 2003, Jarrod Saltalamacchia who went to Texas in the Teixeira trade and the injured Luis Atilano who we sent to Washington in 2006 for 27 plate appearances of Daryle Ward.

After Jeff Francoeur was drafted in 2002, we selected Dan Meyer in the supplemental round, who we then sent to Oakland as part of the deal for Tim Hudson.

Keep going back to 2001, and our first pick that year was Macay McBride, who we sent packing to Detroit for Wil Ledezma. Our other two first round (or supplemental) picks that year were Josh Burrus - who was released this past winter - and Richard Lewis who we traded to the Cubs as part of the Juan Cruz deal in 2004. (By the way, Lewis was one half of the Georgia Tech double-play combination that got drafted that year; the other half was Mark Teixeira, who was the fifth pick in this year's draft.)

Go back yet another year to 2000 and we find that our first pick, Adam Wainwright, was included in the package to the Cardinals that brought us J.D. Drew. He was drafted one pick above Scott Thorman, who has got to be headed somewhere soon!

The moral of this story is if you're a first round draft pick by the Braves, it seems the odds of you getting traded are much greater than your odds of spending many successful years as a member of the Braves. So look out Cody Johnson, Steve Evarts, and Cory Rasmus; dare I say look out to Jason Heyward and Jon Gilmore, but history tells us several of these prospects will be sent packing before their careers as Atlanta Braves flourish.

As a reassuring note to fans, if we look at this list of traded first rounders (and supplemental first rounders) we really shouldn't be surprised to see Joey Devine sent packing. This is just one way the Braves do business and have done business for some time now.

Oh, and we gave up our first round pick this year for Tom Glavine...