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Open Thread and NAHWAL: Braves at Reds (8/20)

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 Today's Starting Pitchers

 Tim Hudson
 Phil Dumatrait
14-5 W-L 0-1
3.02 ERA 10.32
106 SO 7
39 BB 9
5 HR 0
-- vs.

Game Time: 7:10 on

That was a nice ending to a disappointing homestand, and a good way to leave town on getaway day: Smoltzie is now the all-time strikeout leader for the Braves, Tex homered twice, and apparently Wicky only wanted to set the stage for a game-tying grand slam in the ninth, not actually give one up. Phew!

Now the guys get to enjoy four days in fun-filled Cincinnati! The way Skip reliably bitches about the lack of nightlife there kind of makes you wonder what he gets up to in the other cities.

If you do nothing else today, read this article about Heap and his brother. They totally screw up his nickname (heaps o'fries? eh?), but otherwise it is amazing.

Don't forget to get your picks in before the game for Nok-A-Homa-Win-A-Lotta (click here to learn how to play and to view the leaderboard); the three categories are (1) Attendance, (2) Pick to Click, and (3) Above and Beyond Pick.