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Open Thread and Noc-A-Homa-Win-A-Lotta: Diamondbacks at Braves (7/18)

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 Today's Starting Pitchers

 B. Carlyle
 M. Owings
7-4 W-L 5-6
4.39 ERA 4.76
51 SO 78
20 BB 44
11 HR 11
-- vs.

Game Time: 7:05pm on

Okay, low point reached, it's all uphill from here... right? Well, we face a rookie "right-hander" tonight, so we'll score 10 runs or match last night's total. Sometimes, it is so frustrating trying to figure this game out.

Don't forget to get your picks in before the game for Nok-A-Homa-Win-A-Lotta (click here to learn how to play and to view the leaderboard); the three categories are (1) Attendance, (2) Pick to Click, and (3) Above and Beyond Pick.