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Who Will Re-Emerge in 2007

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This is a continuation of yesterday's post of Who Will Emerge in 2007. Today we are going to take a look at the players who were once considered top prospects but have fallen off the pace for one reason or another. Can they return to their former selves and be the players they once were? Here are five possible candidates, but feel free to submit your own as well (just keep in mind that they cannot be on our top-25 prospect list)

Beau Jones - He was on everyone's top prospect list after being taken in the first round of the 2005 draft, but the Braves pushed him to Rome in 2006 and that proved to be too much for the young Jones to handle. With another season back in the Sally league and a mission to regain his top prospect status, Jones could burst back onto everyone's radar and give us yet another stud left-handed pitching prospect. Sometimes a little adversity is exactly what is needed to motivate a young pitcher.

Jon Mark Owings - He's been setback by injuries the last several years in the minors, but what would a healthy JMO be able to do? He needs to prove he can stay healthy and that he can hit above rookie ball, but he will get his make or break chance this year, and if he connects it could be big.

Jake Stevens - This kid is probably unfairly labeled as the biggest disappointment in the organization. Ranked high on everyone's lists for the last couple of years, this young hurler has seen his share of failure the last two years. The stuff is all there, but the mental aspect of the game is lagging behind. He was successfully moved to the bullpen towards the end of last year in Rome and if he stays there could follow similar paths that successfully took Blaine Boyer and Macay McBride from the rotation to the pen.

James Jurries - Perhaps Jurries' shot came and went at the end of spring training last year when he was passed over for an opening day roster spot in favor of Brian Jordan...great decision! That disappointment, for a 27 year-old career minor leaguer, probably affected him to the point where it significantly hurt his game. He had the worst season he's ever had in pro ball (or college) and fell out of favor with the Braves while Scott Thorman rose to prominence. No one even selected Jurries on waivers when he was punted off the 40-man roster or in the rule 5 draft. Could the power still be there for this former Tulane standout?

Matt Esquivel - Here was a kid seriously on the rise; working his way up the ladder and having success at every stop along the way. But what has cost him development time is not his talent level but his level-headedness. Esquivel was suspended half way through the 2006 season and did not play again the rest of the year. But the Braves still seem to have faith in the outfielder as he will get another shot this year to prove he can be an athlete and a teammate.