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New Players Fan Clubs

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As we come to fully re-embrace the notion of pitchers and catchers, we turn our attention to some very important business which must be discussed for the upcoming season......are we going to have any new Atlanta Braves players fan clubs? Gone are the days of LaRoche's Ladies and Adam's Army.
Gone are the days of Horacio's Whores (okay, no one ever took my idea and actually ran with it).
Gone are the days of Gileses......nothing rhymes with Giles!?

Anyway, we have new players that need fan clubs, and we need people in the seats dressed in cans and hot dogs and such, with banners and pennants and foam fingers.

We have Francoeur's Franks, who started it all.
We have McCann's Cans, who stole their idea from me. Of course, I would have called them McCann's Cans of Whoop-Ass. (Then they could do a little dance like they were opening up a can of, you guessed it, whoop-ass whenever he came to the plate.)
We have the James Gang for Chuckie J.
There is Chipper's Chips.
And how could we forget Andruw's Brew Crew out in the Chop Shop.

Then there were the one's that needed some work.
Like Edgar's Eggs...that's pretty weak.
Or Wickman's Wicker Baskets. The fact that it rhymes should not be the only requirement here folks.
You can check out many of last year's fan clubs here.

But now we have Mike Gonzalez, and we also have Rafael Soriano. Unfortunately after several days of thinking I have not come up with anything good for either of them.

I think someone should definitely start a fan club for Craig Wilson called Craig Wilson's Mullet Men. Some of you fans out there may not even have to get a costume for that one.

And how about our young players who will be getting starting roles like Scott Thorman and Kelly Johnson. Naturally we could have Thorman's Thors, where you could dress up like the Roman god of whatever or the Marvel superhero. And I think Kelly Johnson's Johnsons is rather self-explanatory...perhaps you could even use the Francoeur's Franks outfits as a starting point.

If anyone has any suggestions, post them here now before they appear in the stands.