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Finally, Light at the End of the Tunnel, but Now What?

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Time Warner has "finally" reached a deal to sell the Atlanta Braves to Liberty Media. ESPN has the story here, but there is as yet no mention of it at The story cites "an unnamed person familiar with the deal," so let's hope deep throat is right about this and a deal has been reached.

While this at least removes the cloud of who will own the team this season, it replaced it with another cloud of what will Liberty Media and CEO John Malone do with the team. We can only hope that when they finally officially announce the deal, Liberty will accompany that announcement with another detailing what they have in store for the budget and operation of the Braves - mainly so we don't have bloody speculate for days or weeks.

It's gonna be an interesting next couple of days...

Update [2007-2-13 9:51:0 by gondeee]:

From the AJC:

"This is a very complicated deal that will take baseball some time to review and consider," McGuirk said in an exclusive interview Monday night. "Until we hear back from baseball, there is nothing further to do."

So it looks like we are in another holding pattern. Who knows how Selig and the owners will react to this type of deal – it is rather unprecedented for baseball. I’ll post more when we know more, but for now it’s just guess work.