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Around the Braves Blogosphere

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Since I am bereft of ideas this week and am taking a de facto week of rest I thought I'd point out some of the good work that other Braves bloggers are doing. The Braves caravan is rolling along, but one absent face is of course Adam LaRoche. But Rochy is apparently the star of the Pirates winter caravan and had this to say to David O'Brien about his former team and its fans:

He also said this about Atlanta fans: "They got spoiled, and they've got to know that. Somebody's got to have told them by now. They were spoiled, and we were spoiled as players."

I can actually get on board with that. Many of the people in Atlanta are fair-weather fans who don't come out when the team is not winning. For whatever reason, and I still don't have an answer after years of wondering about it, Atlantans are not passionate about baseball - at least not as passionate as many of the other baseball cities.

Over at the newly rekindled Home of the Braves blog, Steven has some pictures from one of the Braves winter caravan stops. He too laments the aloofness of so-called Braves fans for not knowing who was signing autographs. I mean, come on, it's real easy, it was Diaz, Lerew, Brayan, and Pete - marquis names no doubt.

I'm already a big fan of the possible return of some killer Lightenberg-esque sideburns to Atlanta in the person of Anthony Lerew.

Over at Rowland's Office, they took the opposite approach that I did with the "Top Braves During the Streak," and instead are doing the "Worst 10 of the Past 10." They're not necessarily ranking them, they're just throwing them out there in no particular order, but they've already covered some "good" people - Raul, do you remember Albie Lopez, B.J. "Slough-off," and the player who CB calls Captain Mediocre, Keith Lockhart:

CD resisted my initial attempt to place KEITH LOCKHART among our ignominious listing of the 10 Worst Braves of the Last 10 Years. He argued that I had let my personal animuns towards Lockhart (the player, not the individual) cloud my judgment. But as I studied the facts of the Captain's too-long stint in Atlanta, I'm even more convinced I was right. In fact, if anything, I've been too generous by labeling him "mediocre." Jeff Blauser was mediocre. Lockhart was, to be charitable, below average.

Yeah, Lockhart was quite pedestrian - and never did anything after he left Atlanta. Of course that assumes he actually did "something" while he was in Atlanta.

Well that's enough borrowing from other bloggers for today (maybe). I'll get the "Talk" cranked up again in a few days. Like I said at the beginning I'm just taking the week off - what better time than now, right?