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It's Official!

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Mariner fans begin your weeping, Braves fans being your cheering. The deal was officially announced just before noon today, Rafael Soriano to the Braves for Horacio Ramirez. This is truly another coup pulled off by John Schuerholz and company. In Soriano we get a guy with the stuff of Kyle Farnsworth and the confidence of Mariano Rivera; a huge upgrade to our bullpen while giving up someone who was completely expendable to the rotation.

Hopefully today will provide even more excitement with the likes of Adam LaRoche going to Anaheim for Figgins and Shields or some combination. Who knows where Marcus Giles will end up now, but odds are he will be traded in the coming days. With Ramirez departed, we may not be able to trade Hudson without getting a significant starter in return, so we'll see if that leads anywhere (actually, there was rumor of another trade involving him with Seattle).

There have been a lot of pitchers on the move in the last 24 hours, with Freddy Garcia coming over to the Phillies and Jon Garland to the Astros, both from the White Sox and both in exchange for young pitching. Chicago may be trying to shed salary to add another big bat or pitcher, so they could open up as a trading partner for one of our guys.

Don't leave your computer screens for more than two minutes because something might happen...