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Rule 5 Loss

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Only one loss for the Braves in today's Rule 5 draft, as Minor League starter Sean White was taken by the Pittsburgh Pirates and immediately traded to our good friends the Seattle Mariners for cash. (You know, we could have just included him in the trade yesterday and saved everyone in Seattle and Pittsburgh a lot of time.)

As predicted, the Braves passed on selecting anyone in the draft. With 40 men already on their 40-man roster they would have had to let someone go. (I can think of a few people who were recently added who don't need to be there.)

White is not a big loss to the organization. He was a capable starter last year for Mississippi, he'll be 26 next season, and will likely not be anything other than a back of the rotation starter or long reliever. No one at Talking Chop even listed him on their top-25 prospect ballot last month, so this is not considered a big loss at all. My projection is that he'll be at best a Travis Smith/Jason Shiell type player.