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Where have all the Rumors Gone?

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I miss them...

There is this little non-rumor tidbit:

A reporter in Seattle seems to think that trading Richie Sexson may be an option for the Mariners, and he seems to think that Tim Hudson for Sexson could be a possible fit.

The Braves would have no trouble trading Tim Hudson. The right-hander was a stud in Oakland, but he's been nothing but mediocre in Atlanta. The Braves would need little inducement to move him, but it's buyer beware. His contract is heavily back-loaded, so the Mariners almost certainly would want the Braves to send some money Seattle's way to mitigate the impact on the Mariners' payroll.

Nothing but fanciful musings on the part of the writer. I doubt we could afford him for starters (he's owed $14 million each of the next two years), and we have a 30 homer / 100 RBI first baseman already. So don't start this rumor, it's simply wild speculation.