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Is Tanyon Sturtze just the Amuse Bouche of our Off-Season Acquisitions?

It was the first and only action of the Winter Meetings so far; the equivalent of signing a hope, and a far-flung hope at that. There's really no reason that Tanyon Sturtze should be a Major League pitcher. He's not particularly a strikeout pitcher, he's not exactly a control pitcher, and he's never really proven that he can actually be an effective pitcher at this level. Heck, he sports at career 68-66 "Minor League" record. I honestly don't know why this guy (1) ever made it to the Majors, or (2) has continued to pitch in the Majors for all or parts of 11 seasons.

Some statistics to be wary of:

He gives up 10.02 hits per 9 innings......he's not missing anyone's bat.
He issues 3.76 walks per 9 innings......he's not solving our bullpen's base on ball problems.

Perhaps our scouts see something in him they believe our organization can turn around, because on the surface it doesn't look pretty. But perhaps Sturtze is just the pre-first-course that John Schuerholz has planned - not even the appetizer. But count me as one who is not amused.

(Okay, mainly I just wanted to work in "amuse bouche" and then use a pun at the end, but I still really don't like this signing.)