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Announcer Shuffling

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We still don't know who will be calling games on FSN South or the newly renamed Sports South (which is not to be confused with FSN South even though both of them are essentially sports stations that focus on the South which are owned by Fox, whereas FSN South used to be called Sports South but was then renamed to FSN South when purchased by Fox, Turner South was renamed to Sports South - honestly, could they have chosen a less generic name). Anyway, we think it will probably be some combination of Rathbun, Torberg, and possibly even Don Sutton (and I think they've added some other announcer, but I can't remember his name).

In the meantime, 96 Rock will no longer be the flagship station or carry Braves games in the Atlanta area, instead they will be on 94.9, The Bull. (Perhaps it will one day go the way of every other Atlanta radio station and become a Spanish station, in which case it would be called El Toro.) The flagship announcers, Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren, will also move with the station. Both of them signed contracts that make them announcers through the 2009 season. The official bit:

The Atlanta Braves and Clear Channel radio announced today that Braves veteran broadcasters Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren will helm the radio airways through 2009.  The two will be heard around Metro Atlanta on Clear Channel's 94.9 The Bull, the new home of the Atlanta Braves.  Clear Channel announced earlier today that Braves games were moving from Project 9-6-1 to 94.9 The Bull.  Regionally, the duo can be heard on the Braves Radio Network on over 150 stations across the Southeast.

So a little bit of TV, a little bit of radio, a little bit more confused. I was trying to make this a catch-all for announcing changes, but I think I further confused myself. I'm pretty sure that everyone who was a TBS announcer save for Sutton will be back. If anyone else knows of any changes in the booth please pass them along. I would be quite happy with Skip Caray and Joe Simpson for every game. They have a great back and forth with Simpson letting Caray take subtle shots at him throughout the game - classic stuff.