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John Rocker on......Politics?

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If Jesse Ventura and Aahnold can do it, then why not John "the boat" Rocker. Well God help us if he ever does. This guy just won't go away - honestly. It's pure trash but you absolutely must read the interview with him over at Deadspin. Aside from all the liberal Jew-bashing he does, and he does plenty, the part that struck me was what he said about Schuerholz (caution: harsh language):

Yeah. [Braves general manager] John Schuerholz traded me. He's a real asshole. I'm gonna absolutely crucify him in my book. The credibility that guy receives for the Atlanta Braves dynasty ... he is an imbecile. Every player who took that team to the playoffs were people who were already there. All his good acquisitions were no-brainers. Scheurholz tries to take all the credit, but he's a complete moron. It's amazing he gets so much credit for it. We had a bad arbitration case, he and I. He just sat there and motherfucked me to death, you suck, you're horrible, and I lost the case. I never spoke to him again. He'd walk right by me and say, "Hi, John," and I'd just ignore him. He has the worst case of Little Man Syndrome I've ever met. He's about 5-foot-5. He's a piece of shit.

Wow! Is all I can say. So John Schuerholz is the imbecile, is that right Rocker? What a complete and utter waste of talent he is. Image the amounts of money a lefty reliever with his arm (pre-surgery of course) could have made in this frenzy of an off-season. But he is damaged goods brother.

By the way, the "liberal Jew media" guy who wrote the original SI article that started this whole thing has finally broken his silence on the matter. Jeff Pearlman takes the gloves off and reveals even more nonsense about what kind of person John Rocker is - also an interesting read.

Note: While the Rocker interview is political, please realize that I am not trying to take any political point of view here and would ask that any discussion about this article not center around political leanings. This is a baseball blog, and unfortunately this baseball related piece also contains a ton of political stuff. Regardless of what side of the aisle Rocker is on, because it's John Rocker he just needs to shut the hell up and go away some place where we'll never hear from him again. At one time he was liked by a legion of people, of Braves fans, but that was before he opened his mouth.