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Non-Tender Day Open Thread

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We await the decision that we all know is coming; the Braves are going to have to non-tender Chris Reitsma, sigh......oh, and Marcus Giles, another sigh. (Of course, perhaps some of you would cheer about non-tendering the former.) A lot has already been said about the reasons for not offering Giles a contract for next season, but it comes down to declining production and increasing salary - two things that don't mix well on a team with most of it's revenue already allocated. Post your thoughts.

And if you need a positive item to discuss, think of the money we might have left over to sign someone else after ridding ourselves of Reitsma ($2.75M) and Giles ($3.85M) salaries. They made a combined $6.6 million last year. Of course, that money could already be allocated towards the increased salaries of Mike Hampton ($1M more), Andruw Jones ($0.5M more), Edgar Renteria ($1M more), Tim Hudson ($2M more), Bob Wickman ($1.5M more), and whatever Adam LaRoche, Oscar Villarreal, and Rafael Soriano get in arbitration.

The cost of business is going up, and our payroll is going down.