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Links and Some Other Stuff

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Sorry everyone...been a crazy couple of days. This time of the year is not fun for us accountants. So bear with me as the posting may be a little sporadic.

Now on to some interesting items...

Matt Cerrone over at has posted an interview with Tom Glavine. There's some interesting stuff in the transcript. Tom and 1-800-Flowers have teamed up to design a "Glavine" bear to be sold to the public. All proceeds from the sale of the bears will go to Save the Children. Nice job Matt, Tom, and company. Be sure to check out the article.

Elsewhere, according to Rotoworld, Braves GM John Schuerholz indicated that Jorge Sosa wasn't a possibility in his team's search for a closer. "Some would argue he was our most consistent starter, so I don't anticipate that," Schuerholz said. "He was so valuable when he took over the starter role."

So much for that thought I suppose. I still think Sosa is better suited to be a closer than a 5+ inning starter. But, there's a reason Schuerholz has been so successful and I'm writing this blog!