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Looking Back at the 2005 Prospects

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I thought it would interesting to look back at two of Baseball America's Braves lists from 2005. First, the top ten prospects...


  1. Jeff Francoeur, of
  2. Andy Marte, 3b
  3. Brian McCann, c
  4. Kyle Davies, rhp
  5. Anthony Lerew, rhp
  6. Jake Stevens, lhp
  7. Luis Hernandez, ss
  8. Kelly Johnson, of
  9. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, c
  10. Blaine Boyer, rhp  
Hindsight is always a great thing, but looking at this list conjurs up a few questions. I certainly can accept spots 1 through 5. But I guess what really hit me was the fact that Salty was behind Luis Hernandez and even Kelly Johnson for that matter. Funny how much difference a year makes.

Then you go and look at the "Best Tools." I would never have guessed Francoeur was the most likely candidate to hit for average. In fact, I'd almost consider flip-flopping Francoeur and Marte between "Best Hitter for Average" and "Best Power Hitter."

What's interesting and striking about this list is that only one player takes home the award for being the best in two or more of the guessed it...Francoeur.

Does that mean there are no true superstar players in the Braves minor league system? After all, there doesn't appear to be any player who is the best at everything. Or does it mean that the system is so deep, and there is just so much talent, that it is really difficult to be the best at everything? I guess we'll know soon enough. I really can't make up my mind. Maybe someone out there can shed some light.

Best Hitter for Average Jeff Francoeur
Best Power Hitter Andy Marte
Best Strike-Zone Discipline Wes Timmons
Fastest Baserunner Gregor Blanco
Best Athlete Jeff Francoeur
Best Fastball Anthony Lerew
Best Curveball Charlie Morton
Best Slider Macay McBride
Best Changeup Kyle Davies
Best Control Jake Stevens
Best Defensive Catcher Brian McCann
Best Defensive Infielder Luis Hernandez
Best Infield Arm Wilson Betemit
Best Defensive Outfielder Ryan Langerhans
Best Outfield Arm Jeff Francoeur