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Weekend Update

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Things were very quiet this past week, but there were a few pieces of relevant news the last few days.

John Smoltz has reported that his arm feels great. In fact, he feels so great that he wishes he didn't turn down the opportunity to pitch in the WBC. Good thing for us he didn't feel this well a few weeks ago! Smoltz plans to have his first workout in Atlanta with new pitching coach Roger McDowell on February 1. We'll be sure to ask Roger about Smoltz when we speak with him.

In other news, the Braves avoided arbitration with Jorge Sosa, agreeing to a $2.2 million deal with the 28-year old righthander. I thought the interesting part of the AP story was this quote from Jorge..."I am where I am today thanks to Leo (Mazzone), because he helped turn me into the pitcher I am," Sosa said. It's nice to finally hear someone give Leo credit for the success he had with the Braves. It was getting a little old listening to people say we'll be better off with Mazzone gone.