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Links O' the Day: January 2, 2006

Here's our first links edition. Let's get a few standard ones out right away...

The Sickels Prospect Book 2006: As Nike would say, Just Buy It!

Athletics Nations: The reason we have SB Nation, isn't it??!!...thanks also to Blez for all the Schuerholz interview coverage!

A few shameless very own site set to relaunch in about two weeks: Baseball Digest Daily, and its related blog run by the incomparable, Jim Evans: Baseball Digest Daily MLBlog

And if you haven't checked out this site, you're missing out on probably the best one-stop-shop for prospects and minor league news: At the Plate by Jay-Dell Mah

It is still quiet, but the links will most certainly ramp up as we get farther away from the holidays.