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Just Tell Me...

you didn't see it coming? 5-3 Braves, top of the 8th and here comes Chris Reitsma. Single, single, home over.

If you didn't get a little tense over the Reitsma pitching change, then you haven't watched enough Braves games this season. It's all too familiar a story.

The Braves go down to Colorado, 6-5. It wasn't like Horacio Ramirez pitched great himself, but at least he pitched well enough to leave the game with a lead. Offensively, Adam LaRoche had another 2 hits today including a home run, and Jeff Francoeur hit his 14th homer, actually walked twice, and threw yet another runner out at the plate.

In Philadelphia, the Phillies lead the Mets 4-1 in the 6th inning after an extensive rain delay.

So it looks like the Braves magic number will remain at 2. Put the bubbly back on ice. Tomorrow is another day...