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Andruw Wins Players Choice Awards!

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Andruw Jones may not win the "official" MVP award but he certainly has won the respect of his peers. Today, Jones took home the Players Choice "Player of the Year Award" as well as the "NL Outstanding Player" award.

Just a few more awards to add to Andruw's collection this season. Let's All-Star and Home Run Derby appearance, the Hank Aaron Award, another Gold Glove, two Players Choice Awards...

All that's left is for the Baseball Writers to recognize the incredible season Jones has had. But whether they do or not, this is one season that will go down in the baseball history books and finally stamp Andruw with the "superstar" label he so deserves.

Nobody needs to reiterate the stats Andruw put up this season. They speak for themselves. What people sometimes forget, though, is how well Jones mentored the young players around him. He stepped up and became a team leader, someone that Ryan Langerhans, Kelly Johnson, and Jeff Francoeur could confide in. What used to be Chipper's team has now become Andruw's team.

Whether Andruw Jones wins the 2005 MVP award or not, he has certainly legitimized his career and thrust himself into the top echelon of players in Major League Baseball today.