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The Awards Keep on Coming

Bobby Cox won his second consecutive Manager of the Year award this week adding to the list of post-season accolades received by the 2005 Atlanta Braves.

It's really no surprise that Cox took home this honor. He guided a team loaded with first year players to Atlanta's 14th consecutive division title. This was arguably the most impressive job by Cox, who has been fortunate enough to manage the likes of Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, David Justice, Ron Gant, and Javy Lopez over the years.

This year, Cox had far less established talent to work with. Sure, Andruw Jones had an MVP type season and John Smoltz had another great year, but who else could seriously be counted on to lead this team to greatness. Chipper is just a shadow of his former self and Marcus Giles has had his share of injuries.

Yet, Cox took the bull by the horns and mentored the Kyle Davies, Kelly Johnsons, and Brian McCanns of the world. He showed faith in a group of kids who brought an excitement and energy to Atlanta.

Many will question whether Bobby Cox has had more of an effect on the Braves than his assistant, pitching coach Leo Mazzone. Well Leo is gone now and Bobby has the stage all to himself. The funny thing is, you will rarely see Cox bask in the glory. He's a man content with one thing...winning.

But today is not a day for humility. Take a bow Mr. Cox. You are once again the National League Manager of the Year...and deservedly so.