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Gammons on The Big Show: Sox were ’scared to death’ of Bay’s knees

So what happened with Jason Bay and the Red Sox? They wanted him, but they were scared to death of his knees. I never got the impression from either side, from his agents or his club, that the shoulder was that big of a deal. But they were really afraid of both knees and that’s why they dropped the offer from four years to two years. Somebody said to me, "Gee, there was only one team that went after him the Mets." I said, "Yeah, you don’t think that the Angels have requested MRIs? You don’t think the Mariners have requested? They weren’t in on him either." The Mets were the only team in on Jason, which is unfortunate because he played his heart out for that team. He’s a great guy but there were serious physical concerns that were there, and Dr. Gill thought it was a tremendous risk to giving him a four-year contract without any questions. John Lackey went with [a contract with conditions] and JD Drew went with it. LOLMets.

DOB on Glaus as a 3B

Me: How good was that report on Glaus' health, exactly? Is he an option as Chipper insurance? DOB: Yes, he is. Played 3B for Cardinals some in September, made some dificult throws, etc. And is...

More Mets down: Castillo sprains ankle, Niese strains hamstring


So Luis Castillo sprained his ankle walking down the dugout stairs, while Jonathon Niese strained his hammy stretching for a throw at first. I almost feel bad for the Mets the way things have gone for them...naaaah.

Beltran's Knee Injury May Be Career-Threatening


Apparently, Carlos Beltran's knee is not getting any better, and the only option to try and relieve his pain could be microfracture. I don't know if there are any big-time baseball players who have had the procedure done, but it would certainly be a difficult road back to excellence. Too bad for Carlos if this comes to pass, but it's certainly not a bad thing for the Bravos if the Mets are stuck paying a guy big money to either not play or be a shadow of his former self.

Braves Sign Dr. James Andrews to Three-Year Contract


Tim Hudson will undergo Tommy John surgery tomorrow in Pensicola, Florida, performed by Dr. James Andrews. While he's down there, he'll have some company. Reliever Rafael Soriano will be examined...

Glavine Close to Returning


Good news on an injury front, Tom Glavine had a great outing for Myrtle Beach on Monday night: Reports on Tom Glavine were all good after the veteran lefty pitched four solid innings Monday in...

More Injury News (it just won't stop!)


The Braves have placed reliever Rafael Soriano on the disabled list for the 94th time this season. Soriano made five one-inning appearances since coming off the DL the last time, surrendering only...

Tim Hudson to have Tommy John Surgery


I just spoke with Tim Hudson in the Braves clubhouse who said that after he played catch today, he's decided to have Tommy John surgery. Hudson said he had some pain during his session, which...

Braves Injury Update: Part 1


I was slumming around the Braves clubhouse today before the game (I'll have some fun stories and anecdotes later), and I was asking the injured Braves what their status(s) are. The first thing that...

Man versus Ligament


Add "doctor" to Tim Hudson's resume, because he seems to think he can "tough it out" and avoid Tommy John surgery. Hudson was examined by different doctors Monday and Tuesday, who came to the...

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