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Jair's Tiny Big-Toe Joint


I hadn't heard about this before. Is this just a case of 'Best Off-Season Ever' or is there something legitimate here about JJ's health moving forward? Maybe this will help get a full season from him? Quote from Article that most intrigued me: "Jurrjens is especially excited for a fresh start. He went just 1-3 after being selected for his first All-Star Game and was mentioned prominently in trade talks over the winter. But he’s still in Atlanta, eager to get in full season now that doctors have discovered the underlying cause of his lingering knee problems—a shorter-than-normal joint in his right big toe, which caused his ankle to turn outward and put more street on the knee. After being fitted with orthotics, the pain was gone in a couple of weeks. "I feel like I’m a brand new kid," said Jurrjens, who just turned 26 this past weekend. "I’m happy I’m here and I’ll be trying to help the team as much as I can."

The Odd Couple - A Baseball Cartoon


I'm a cartoonist, recently added baseball cartoons to my racing toons. Unlike the racing ones, which star the drivers themselves, these are about the fans. Many teams will be represented but the stars are these two twin sisters, one a Braves fan, the other a Cubbies fan.

Offseason In Review: Atlanta Braves


From MLB Trade Rumors: A look into our winter that certainly paints Wren's work in a good light and for the most part, for good reason.

Braves sign 25 year old, Jay Sborz to a minor league deal


They sign the soon-to-be 26 year old to a minor league deal, after he posted a stat line of a 4.74 ERA, 8.7 K/9, 4.9 BB/9, and 1.6 HR/9 with 19 saves in 43 2/3 innings for Detroit's Triple-A affiliate, this year.

Keith Law's updated top 25 prospects


Includes Teheran (11th) and Vizcaino (19th). Delgado gets mentioned at the bottom. And if you are wondering, Teheran is ranked behind Martin Perez, Aroldis Chapman, Jeremy Hellickson, and Casey Kelly among pitchers. So, as good as he is, he isn't the greatest pitching prospect in baseball...yet. UPDATE: This is insider only, sorry that I didn't mention that before if you weren't able to get to the link. Selected quotes below. 11. Julio Teheran, RHP, Atlanta. A big fastball, a plus change and an improved breaking ball have helped him dominate at two levels this year -- and it's not just being in pitcher-friendly Myrtle Beach. Six of the nine Colombians to reach the big leagues came from Cartagena -- as does Teheran. I'm still waiting for our first prospect from Macondo. Previous ranking: No. 63 19. Arodys Vizcaino, RHP, Atlanta. He's producing outstanding numbers so far with a plus fastball/above-average curve and a very low-effort delivery. Previous ranking: No. 43 and under the "Why Not Section" Randall Delgado? Total package doesn't have the big upside of Teheran, and he's not as polished as Vizcaino

Braves Lifer Podcast for April 5


Today, Opening Day (note: pod was recorded before start of today's game), predictions for who will win the Division while trying not to be too much of a homer, and a brand new pro wrestling character: The Ultimate Pessimist!

Braves Lifer Podcast for March 31


Today, the kids steal the show yet again, contradicting myself a little on Jo Jo, and the Braves need to get themselves a switch pitcher.

Baseball's Chattiest TV Announcers


Chip Caray comes in at #14 for Chattiest TV Announcer, according to WSJ.com. He racks up 78.70 wpm.

Reds fan's view of Turner Field


As promised, I put a story up at Red Reporter detailing my experience at the Brewers game Sunday. Hope you like it.

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